Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected and numbered for your convenience. 

As usual, if you have suggestions for the Heap of Links, please send ’em in.

  1. “In support of a recent tenure case, our department gave the acceptance rates at journals as evidence of their significance” — P.D. Magnus (Albany) on the problem with that
  2. Advice for students: “think for yourself” — a group of professors warn students about the “tyranny of public opinion” (via IHE)
  3. A symposium of sociologists on Charlottesville — in Contexts Magazine
  4. American Historical Association statement on Confederate monuments (via IHE)
  5. What it feels like to be in Houston — Anne Jacobson (Houston), flooded in but fine, reports
  6. Should epistemology be part of the pre-college curriculum? — it’s “something all other subjects contain but do not properly address”
  7. Which item in your office would you save from a fire? — various academics respond
  8. Onora O’Neill on trust, politics, and philosophy — Nietzsche and Moore are problems, says the “unrepentant, card-carrying old Kantian”
  9. “We need to pry apart the equation of personhood and property at the core of white supremacy” — Lisa Guenther (Queens) and Abigail Levin (Niagara) unpack “you will not replace us”
  10. Hume on punching Nazis — look at the bigger picture, he would counsel
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