Recent APA Award Winners: Gallegos, Humphreys, Mallon

The American Philosophical Association has named the winners of several awards recently. These include:

  • Ron Mallon (Washington University in St. Louis), who won the Joseph B. Gittler Award.
    The Gittler award is given to the author(s) of “an outstanding scholarly contribution in the field of the philosophy of one or more of the social sciences.” It includes a $4,000 prize. It was awarded to Mallon for his book, The Construction of Human Kinds.
  • Justin Humphreys (University of Pittsburgh), who won the William James Prize.
    The William James Prize is awarded for the “best paper in the area of American philosophy that is accepted for inclusion in the Eastern Division program by the program committee through the normal process of anonymous-reviewing.” The prize is $300. Humphreys’ prize-winning paper is “Disjunctivism and the Stream of Consciousness.”
  • Francisco Gallegos (Georgetown University), who won the 2017 Essay Prize in Latin American Thought.
    The prize, which includes $500, is awarded to the author of “the best unpublished, English-language, philosophical essay in Latin American thought.” Gallegos won the prize for his “Surviving Social Disintegration: Jorge Portilla on the Phenomenology of Zozobra.”

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