Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected and numbered for your convenience. 

As usual, if you have suggestions for the Heap of Links, please send ’em in.

  1. Black children who appear in juvenile court in the week following a loss by the area college’s football team get harsher sentences — Erin Tarver (Emory) on that and other morally salient aspects of college football
  2. Should journals publish work by graduate students? — the discussion continues at Inside Higher Ed
  3. “Their willingness to engage near-death experiences with philosophical seriousness is… courageous and, institutionally speaking, path-breaking” — philosophers look at the possibility of life after death
  4. Racial explanations: “taboo” in philosophy? — no, not now, but in the first half of the 20th Century; Schliesser on Bright on race and logical empiricism
  5. Steps towards measuring the virtues — on developing a scale of intellectual humility
  6. “What do we want?” “To question everything!” “When do we want it?” “Well, actually, what if time is an illusion?” — philosophers go on strike (EC)
  7. As you plan for the upcoming semester — don’t forget to plan for having a life outside of work
  8. “It would be foolish to pretend that there aren’t obvious biological differences between human beings and that these differences are tied to certain geographical regions… but there’s a big difference between race and diversity” says David Livingstone Smith (New England)
  9. Philosophers at theme parks — in The New Yorker (via Tanya Kostochka)
  10. “The enormous, singular joke of our epoch is not funny” — Justin E. H. Smith (University of Paris) on theories of humor
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