Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected here in case you missed them the first time around, and numbered to save you crucial seconds when commenting about them.

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  1. Deaths in the Iliad: an infographic — including “stand-out performances in battle” (via Daniel O’Connell)
  2. Is a reason to perform some act always a reason to perform that act rather than some other one? — Justin Snedegar (St. Andrews) talks with Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt)
  3. That “aha” moment when you come to think you know something — what has happened in your mind? Scientists experiment to try to figure that out
  4. Ways in which the concern that something is “just not feasible” goes awry — Nicholas Southwood (ANU) with some rather good points
  5. For the first time in the U.S., scientists have created genetically modified human embryos — new technique allowed scientists to avoid problems of earlier efforts
  6. A Facebook page has been set up to continue discussion of the Pregnancy ≠ Childbearing Project — organized by philosopher Jen Scuro (New Rochelle)
  7. “A warning from Aristophanes to Socrates on the precarious position the philosopher is in” — in Forbes
  8. “Why is the bathroom ground zero?” — Jean Kazez (SMU) on the Texas bathroom bill
  9. It’s useful to distinguish between “being to blame for bringing about an event and being a bad person” — Robert Hartman (Gothenburg) on moral luck
  10. The science of redefining the kilogram — since the original has “gained weight”
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