Graduate Student Input on Hiring

What input do graduate students have in hiring decisions in your department?

A couple of Daily Nous readers have written in seeking information about hiring practices in philosophy, and one area that has come up concerns the role of graduate students in hiring. Could you share your department’s practices? There are several questions here:

  1. In your department, what influence do graduate students have on determining the areas of specialization (or topics within that specialization) the department aims to hire in? Is this influence merely informal, or are there formal mechanisms for identifying graduate student opinion and/or incorporating it into the decision-making process?
  2. In your department, what influence do graduate students have in initial consideration of the candidates’ dossiers as the search committee agrees on a list of candidates for first-round interviews? Is any influence merely informal or are there quasi-official means for graduate student say in the process?
  3. Do graduate students sit in on first-round interviews? Do they take part in the discussion of candidates at this stage?
  4. Do graduate students have the opportunity to meet with job candidates during their campus visits without the supervision of current faculty?
  5. When it comes to selecting to whom among the finalists to make an offer, what steps, if any, does your department take to solicit the opinion of graduate students?

If your department differentiates in these regards between MA and PhD students, that would be useful information to have, too. Thanks for the information. Discussion of the desirability of graduate student input at any of these stages or elsewhere is welcome.

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