An Anonymous Peer-Reviewed Philosophy Journal?

Are some philosophical positions so controversial that we should have a journal that publishes peer-reviewed essays about them anonymously?

In a new interview at What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher?, (and also in the video interview here, around 8 and a half minutes in), Peter Singer (Princeton) mentions the idea:

I’ve recently been sounded out about a proposal for a journal that would allow people to publish anonymously. The journal would keep a record of authorship that could, on request by the author, be sent to committees considering appointments and promotions.

He adds:

It’s unfortunate that such a journal should ever be considered necessary to enable controversial ideas to be published, but perhaps we have got to the point where it is.

The idea would be to protect academics, particularly those who are untenured, from having their jobs threatened via a wave of social-media-enhanced outrage at their views.

It would be useful to hear opinions on this idea, both in terms of desirability and feasibility.

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art by Bronia Sawyer

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