Here’s the latest Mini-Heap: 10 recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected in a post for your perusal and discussion.

If you have suggestions for the Heap of Links, please send ’em in.

  1. A brief history of beauty (via Aesthetics for Birds)
  2. How to answer the “parasite” objection to a universal basic income — Hillel Steiner (Manchester) at the relatively new site “Know It Wall”
  3. Russell Brand discusses philosophy with Simon Critchley (New School) — on Brand’s “Under The Skin” show
  4. “I think of the laws of any country as akin to the formal rules in a game like soccer or tennis” — an interview on sports and philosophy with David Papineau (KCL)
  5. “Dangerous Ideas”: a humanities course — co-created by philosopher Debra Satz (Stanford)
  6. “Nature itself is non-local” — Eddy Chen & Isaac Wilhelm (Rutgers) use an antalogy to explain a puzzle in quantum mechanics
  7. “I now wish that I had strived for a proper liberal arts education” — leading Silicon Valley engineer worries that she and other techies “haven’t spent anywhere near enough time thinking about these larger questions of what it is that we are building”
  8. Emerging technologies for treating mental illness are a form of “mind control” — raising questions that an interdisciplinary team of philosophers, psychologists, and engineers are taking up
  9. These philosophers are doing their part to keep philosophy cool (via Colin Ruloff)
  10. The philosophical French president — he studied under Ricoeur (via John McCumber)
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6 years ago
6 years ago

The Interdisciplinary Studies Centre in the School of Philosophy and Art History has been teaching a “Dangerous Ideas” module for a few years now.

Reply to  Goedele
6 years ago

Sorry, forgot to say: at the University of Essex