New Public Philosophy Award from Environmental Ethics Group

The International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) has given its inaugural Public Philosophy Award to Andrew Light, professor of philosophy, public policy, and atmospheric sciences at George Mason University, as well as director of the school’s Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy.

According to Ben Hale (Colorado), president of the ISEE, Professor Light was recognized

in particular his work in the last administration both in and outside of government on the creation of the Paris Agreement on climate change.  Thanks to his outstanding commitment to bringing his insight and critical eye to environmental policy-making, it’s fair to say that we’ve not only benefited as a community of environmental philosophers, but also as members of the world community.

Hale also announced that the award will henceforth be known as the “Andrew Light Award for Public Philosophy.”

Professor Light was quoted just last week in this New York Times article on environmental negotiations at the G20 summit.

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6 years ago

Well-deserved. Congratulations Andrew!