Philosophy Journal Relaunches With New Name

The journal formerly known as Philosophy & Theory in Biology has relaunched with a new name, Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology (PTPBio), and has just published its first articles under the new title.

The journal’s executive editor, Christopher Eliot (Hofstra), writes:

PTPBio remains a high-quality, fully open-access publication, freely accessible to readers worldwide. It also remains free to authors, eschewing the “article processing charges” and submission fees imposed by some OA journals and for OA publishing in commercial journals. PTPBio continues to be published and archived on the stable platform of University of Michigan Library, which we share with the journals Philosophers’ Imprint and Ergo. We prioritize efficient review, and we publish continuously.

Why relaunch with a new title? He says:

Our main goal in relaunching the journal was to jump-start its publishing rate without compromising on quality. The higher publishing rate will make PTPBio eligible for inclusion in more indexes. At the same time, we have expanded its scope to explicitly include scientific practice, added new publication-types, made submitting manuscripts easier, enhanced transparency, and updated the article-design, among other developments.

You can see the latest articles at the journal’s website and follow it on Twitter and Facebook.

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Roberta Millstein
6 years ago

Just posting so as to more easily follow any comments that might appear, but as one of the co-editors of this journal, I’m happy to engage in discussion, too, if people are interested.

Chris Stephens
Chris Stephens
Reply to  Roberta Millstein
6 years ago

Congratulations! It looks great!

Roberta Millstein
Reply to  Chris Stephens
6 years ago

Thanks, Chris! And please send your work our way!