Want to Join the Philosoblogosphere? BAPA’s Hiring

The Blog of the APA (BAPA) is searching for a new associate editor as well as candidates interested in future openings there.

BAPA’s mission is “to share a variety of perspectives from a broad array of APA members, to highlight the activities being undertaken by the APA, as well as provide a forum where the APA leadership and membership can communicate with one another more effectively.”

What would you do as an associate editor?

Blog editors develop, solicit, and edit blog content, and help manage the blog—which involves activities such as regular video—chats with the rest of the editorial team, moderating comments, reviewing pitches, and brainstorming proposals for the blog.  Blog editors receive a modest stipend and it is a part-time role.

Instructions on applying are here.

(via BAPA lead editor Lewis Powell)

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