APA Election Results

The American Philosophical Association (APA) has announced the results of its recent election of divisional officers, an at-large member of the APA Board of Officers, and four members of the Graduate Student Council.

The results, originally posted at the Blog of the APA, are as follows:

  • Board of Officers Member-At-Large: Jamie Dreier (Brown University)
  • Central Division Vice President: Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto)
  • Central Division Executive Committee Member-At-Large: Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University)
  • Central Division Nominating Committee Members: Sarah Paul (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Christopher Pincock (Ohio State University), Laura Ruetsche (University of Michigan), Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame)
  • Eastern Division Vice President: Anita Allen (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
  • Eastern Division Executive Committee Members-At-Large: Jamie Dreier (Brown University), Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University)
  • Eastern Division Nominating Committee Members: Gideon Rosen (Princeton University), Paul C. Taylor (Pennsylvania State University
  • Pacific Division Vice President: Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego)
  • Pacific Division Representative to the Board of Officers: Janet Stemwedel (San Jose State University)
  • Pacific Division Executive Committee Member-At-Large: Michael Cholbi (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
  • Pacific Division Nominating Committee Members: Eric Hutton (University of Utah), Amy Schmitter (University of Alberta)
  • Graduate Student Council:
    Blake Hereth (University of Washington), 2017–2019
    Zoë Johnson King (University of Michigan), 2017–2019
    Sahar Joakim (Saint Louis University), 2017–2018
    Savannah Pearlman (Indiana University Bloomington), 2017–2018

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