APA Election Results

The American Philosophical Association (APA) has announced the results of its recent election of divisional officers, an at-large member of the APA Board of Officers, and four members of the Graduate Student Council.

The results, originally posted at the Blog of the APA, are as follows:

  • Board of Officers Member-At-Large: Jamie Dreier (Brown University)
  • Central Division Vice President: Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto)
  • Central Division Executive Committee Member-At-Large: Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University)
  • Central Division Nominating Committee Members: Sarah Paul (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Christopher Pincock (Ohio State University), Laura Ruetsche (University of Michigan), Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame)
  • Eastern Division Vice President: Anita Allen (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
  • Eastern Division Executive Committee Members-At-Large: Jamie Dreier (Brown University), Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University)
  • Eastern Division Nominating Committee Members: Gideon Rosen (Princeton University), Paul C. Taylor (Pennsylvania State University
  • Pacific Division Vice President: Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego)
  • Pacific Division Representative to the Board of Officers: Janet Stemwedel (San Jose State University)
  • Pacific Division Executive Committee Member-At-Large: Michael Cholbi (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
  • Pacific Division Nominating Committee Members: Eric Hutton (University of Utah), Amy Schmitter (University of Alberta)
  • Graduate Student Council:
    Blake Hereth (University of Washington), 2017–2019
    Zoë Johnson King (University of Michigan), 2017–2019
    Sahar Joakim (Saint Louis University), 2017–2018
    Savannah Pearlman (Indiana University Bloomington), 2017–2018

Zimoun, “138 Prepared DC Motors, Cotton Balls, Cardboard Boxes”


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6 years ago

Minor addition: while Anita Allen’s main appointment is in the law school at Penn, she also has a cross-appointment in the philosophy department.

Just an observer
Just an observer
6 years ago

In eyeballing this, I can see straight away that roughly 2/3 of these offices have been filled with women. Rank gender imbalance!

What forthcoming proposals and initiatives exist to remedy this problematic and very troubling injustice?

Perhaps quotas are called for so that we can restore proper balance.

6 years ago

When this pattern persists for a hundred years, get back to me.

Just an observer
Just an observer
Reply to  jdkbrown
6 years ago

Instead of waiting for a hundred years to do the right thing, why not do it now? Why mar the slate more than it already is with further injustice, when we have the freedom to wipe the it clean?

Rather than pitting men and women against one another by assigning everyone to a group, let’s treat individuals as individuals based on their inherent dignity and reward them according to their merit, rather than reducing everyone’s identity to a statistic and cog in a bureaucratic, administrative machine.

When we were kindergarten students, the teacher taught us that two wrongs don’t make a right. Truly, it takes a certain kind of professional philosopher to forget that simple lesson.

Professor Apricot
Professor Apricot
6 years ago

Actually these roles are arguably the ‘house-keeping’ of the profession – high effort to career-recognition ratio. In our profession, those who are more responsible, or liable to be publically shamed if they don’t appear so, end up carrying the can…