Mini-Heap: recent items from the frequently updated Heap of Links, collected in groups of 10, here for your perusal and discussion.

If you have suggestions for the Heap of Links, please send ’em in.

  1. “Darwin’s idea that the struggle between species was an engine of creation… undermined transcendentalist assumptions that nature was inherently good” — how Darwin influenced Thoreau
  2. Before you teach your students the Monty Hall Problem — teach the Mosteller Hall puzzle
  3. The colonialist and utilitarian origins of liberal freedom as non-interference — plus a look at republican freedom as non-domination, in an interview with Philip Pettit (via Nigel Warburton)
  4. “Public universities have sunk into economic frailty over the last decades” — who or what can save them?
  5. “We are living in a golden age of sexual creativity” — a description of the porn-enabled “erotic renaissance that is… unprecedented in human history” (text only, but explicit)
  6. What is a good death? — reflections from Luc Bovens (LSE)
  7. The technological wherewithal of a species is not the same thing as intelligence — which is something we should remember in our search for intelligent life
  8. Five volumes of Bentham’s correspondence are now available in open access form — here’s the link to the first (via Phil Baker)
  9. Philosophy job market mentoring program — time for those interested in receiving and providing mentoring to sign up
  10. “By focusing on the lives of creatures like ants, it may be possible to formulate a version of the problem of evil which, in certain ways, is even harder to solve than traditional versions” — Dustin Crummett (Notre Dame) discusses the problem
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