Philosophy Jobs Per AOS, 2016-17

Over at The Philosophers’ Cocoon, Marcus Arvan (Tampa) reports on the number of jobs advertised over the past year per Area of Specialization (AOS). 

There were 446 jobs advertised. Of those, 204 were tenure-track positions. These TT jobs were distributed across specialty groupings as follows:

  • Value Theory = 68 jobs (33%)
  • Open: 36 jobs (17.6%)
  • History: 25 jobs (12.3%)
  • Core (mind, language, metaphysics, epistemology, logic) = 22 jobs (10%)
  • Science (including cog. sci) = 15 jobs (7%)

(Note that a job with multiple AOS will count, in the appropriate fraction, towards those multiple AOS categories, e.g., a job that lists AOS: Ethics or Logic will add .5 to “Value Theory” and .5 to “Core”.)

Professor Arvan provides a detailed breakdown of these numbers, and does the same for non-tenure-track positions as well, here.

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