Tenure Publication Requirements and Pre-Tenure Leave For Philosophers At Liberal Arts Colleges

A philosopher writes in with the hopes that the Daily Nous readership can help with a query:

I’m a tenure track faculty member at a small, mediocre (not top 100), private liberal arts college with 3-3 teaching load and I am trying to convince my Dean that I need a pre-tenure leave in order to meet my department’s (unreasonable) publication requirements. (I am also hoping to convince them to change these unreasonable publication requirements—it’s a two pronged strategy…).  Anyway, it occurs to me that having some data on what other departments require publication-wise (both in terms of quantity and quality, though I’m personally more interested in quantity) might be helpful to me (and hopefully to others!). 

I would imagine that information about liberal arts colleges with both similar and different standard teaching loads could be of use here. So, readers, if you’re at a liberal arts college, please comment with your teaching load, a sense of what the publication requirements for tenure are at your institution, , and whether your department offers pre-tenure leave. Thank you.

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