The Latest Philosophy Papers

A new website has been launched that lists new philosophy articles as they are published. The site, called The Philosophy Paperboy, is the creation of Andrea Raimondi, graduate student in philosophy at the University of Nottingham, with web design by Lorenzo CataldiIt’s searchable, and currently tracks over 400 journals.

Raimondi writes:

Originally, the Philosophy Paperboy was a personal tool on my local machine. I used it as a newspaper, but for philosophy articles. Eventually, I thought it could be of help for other fellow philosophers to stay updated on recent publications. So here we are with the first public beta version. There is also another benefit I’d like to stress. Checking the website daily helps you understand how vast and diverse is the philosophical domain. So if you are affected by the (common) “real philosophy is only this or that” disease, then here you can find a cure.

The site is here.

In case you’re not aware of it already, many journal publishers allow readers to subscribe to free table-of-contents alerts, which email you when new issues are published. There are also journal and area alerts available through PhilPapers.

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