Philosophy Department Chairs: New Online Discussion Group

Tiger Roholt, professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy at Montclair State University, has started a new online discussion group for philosophy department chairs.

He writes:

As a philosophy department Chair, I have a hunch that I am recreating the wheel at least two times each week. Some other philosophy Chairs probably encounter similar challenges, attempt similar initiatives, and so on. Even though different philosophy departments have different goals and concerns, I think it would be helpful to have a discipline-specific group where philosophy Chairs can post quandaries, questions, information, and resources. Clearly, a philosophy Chair can get helpful advice from the Chairs of other departments in the Chair’s own institution, but I’m interested in a discipline-specific layer of discussion. Perhaps other Chairs are interested in this kind of discussion as well.

I just created a closed Facebook group, “Philosophy Chairs.”  Perhaps some Daily Nous readers who are (or have been) philosophy Chairs would be interested. 
Sounds like a good idea.
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CA Grad Student
CA Grad Student
6 years ago

Would it be appropriate for non-chairs (who imagine that they might one day be chairs or who imagine that they will one day have to interact with chairs) to be silent observers of the group?

Wendy C Turgeon
Wendy C Turgeon
6 years ago

This is a great idea–especially in these times of the beleaguered humanities. Hopefully we can share ideas on how to survive and keep alive–and grow– our discipline on the college community and beyond..