Rivera Berruz Wins Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

Stephanie Rivera Berruz, assistant professor of philosophy at William Paterson University, is a winner of a 2017 Career Enhancement Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. She is the only philosopher among the 30 winners.

According to the Foundation,

The program provides Fellows with a six-month or one-year sabbatical stipend (up to $30,000); a research, travel, or publication stipend (up to $1,500); mentoring; and participation in a late summer professional development retreat. The Career Enhancement retreat, an integral part of the program, provides opportunities for Fellows to meet at length with mentors they have selected—senior academics who help advise these early-career faculty on next steps in professional development. Fellows also have the opportunity to connect with Career Enhancement Fellows from past years and other special guest scholars.

Professor Rivera Berruz works in social and political philosophy, philosophy of race, feminist philosophy, and Latin American philosophy.

More information about the fellowship, including the full list of winners, is here.

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7 years ago

Couldn’t happen to a better person

7 years ago

Wonderful! Congratulations! I miss you