Mini-Heap: the last 10 11 items from the Heap of Links, collected here for your perusal and discussion…

  1. A closer look—without an actual look—at evidence excluded from the Stubblefield trial — at Slate (via Barry Lam)
  2. On hoping that you are living a worthwhile life — reflections from Luc Bovens (LSE)
  3. Mini-interviews with philosophers, now arranged by theme — 400 of them!
  4. Moroccan gov’t to revise philosophy textbooks in response to philosophers’ charge that they “distorted” philosophy towards Islamic extremism
  5. “Public intellectuals are necessary to filter the quality thinkers from the charlatans” — Daniel Drezner (Tufts) on public intellectuals, thought leaders, & the marketplace of ideas
  6. When did modern philosophy begin? — Steven Nadler (Wisconsin) on A.C. Grayling’s The Age of Genius
  7. Fascinating questions about and insights into the morality of war — from Saba Bazargan-Forward (UCSD)
  8. “There is no evidence that people are actually concerned with economic inequality at all… Rather, they are bothered by something that is often confounded with inequality: economic unfairness”
  9. Philosophical questions about emoji — at Aesthetics for Birds
  10. A new large study on the differences between male and female brains — “the researchers themselves aren’t sure which sorts of size differences do and don’t matter”
  11. Consequences, rights, and uncertainty — a publicly-oriented discussion w/ David Owens (KCL), activist Gita Sahgal, and Sebastian Farquhar (Ctr. Effective Altruism)

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