Mini-Heap: the last 10 items from the Heap of Links, collected here for your perusal and discussion…

  1. Cross-cultural study shows limited generalizability—and occasional reversal—of “Knobe Effect” — “results highlight the importance of factoring cultural context in our understanding of moral cognition” (via Daniel Brunson)
  2. The hard problem of matter “Like the hard problem of consciousness, cannot be solved by experiment and observation or by gathering more physical detail” (via Robert Long)
  3. What can we learn about the self from studying leaves? — perhaps that the self is itself a society?
  4. “Base-rates of Negative Traits: Instructions for Use in Criminal Trials” by Federico Picinali (LSE) is the Journal of Applied Philosophy’s 2016 Best Article Winner
  5. About 1/3 of PhD students are at risk of developing a psychiatric disorder — but these risks can be offset by having an inspirational advisor and being able to envision one’s PhD as a good career move
  6. Do you know about Unpaywall? — a browser extension to “instantly deliver legal, open-access, full text as you browse”
  7. “We seem to intuitively understand that if we can get ourselves to believe something first, we’ll be more effective at getting others to believe it” — the evolution of self-deception (via Gerald Dworkin)
  8. A philosophy professor and his students create an interactive film — “Black Coffee” premieres April 21st
  9. “By replacing the human driver with its AI driver, automakers are taking on a lot of moral and legal responsibility “ — so what are its design principles for ethics?
  10. “Let’s see how art and philosophy can create a championship for the meaning of things” — an interview with Mériam Korichi, the creator of Night of Philosophy

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