Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s our weekly report on what’s new at several online philosophy resources. We currently check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), Wi-Phi, and 1000-Word Philosophy for updates.

If you think there are other regularly updated sites we should add to this feature, feel free to suggest them in the comments. One-off links of interest are welcome, too.

And don’t forget to check out the Daily Nous Heap of Links.

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  1. Folk Psychology as Mental Simulation, by Luca Barlassina (Sheffield) and Robert M. Gordon (Missouri-St. Louis).
  2. Theory and Observation in Science, by James Bogen (Pittsburgh).
  3. Hume on Religion, by Paul Russell (British Columbia) and Anders Kraal (British Columbia).
  4. Naturalism in Legal Philosophy, by Brian Leiter (Chicago) and Matthew X. Etchemendy (Chicago).
  5. Truth Values, by Yaroslav Shramko (Kryvyi Rih State Pedadogical University) and Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-Bochum)
  6. Bohmian Mechanics, by Sheldon Goldstein (Rutgers).
  7. Collective Responsibility, by Marion Smiley (Brandeis).


  1. Richard Kenneth Atkins (Boston College) reviews Philosophy of Religion in the Classical American Tradition (Tennessee), by J. Caleb Clanton.
  2. Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach (CUNY) reviews Friendship Reconsidered: What it Means and How it Matters to Politics (Columbia), by P. E. Digeser.
  3. David Henderson (Nebraska-Lincoln) reviews Norms in the Wild: How to Diagnose, Measure, and Change Social Norms (Oxford), by Christina Bicchieri.
  4. Timothy Stock (Salisbury) reviews Levinas’ Ethcal Politics (Indiana), by Michael L. Morgan.
  5. Christian Skirke (Amsterdam) reviews Adorno and Existence (Harvard), by Peter E. Gordon.
  6. David O. Brink (UC San Diego) reviews First, Second, and Other Selves: Essays on Friendship and Personal Identity (Oxford), by Jennifer Whiting.


Wi-Phi   Ø

1000-Word Philosophy  Ø

Bonus: Explanations

Compiled by Michael Glawson, University of South Carolina


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