Prindle Institute Receives $30,000 Grant to Study Business Ethics

The Prindle Institute of Ethics at DePauw University, whose aim is “to enrich the quality of ethical deliberation and action for DePauw’s students, as well as for its faculty and administration, and to reach out in related ways to the broader academic, geographical, and global community,” has received a $30,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support a research project entitled “The Value of Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Business.”

The principal investigator on the project is Andrew Cullison, associate professor of philosophy at DePauw and director of the Prindle Institute. The co-investigator is an undergraduate at the school, Sarah Ertelt.

The project will conduct studies to determine the relationship between the capacities for moral reasoning in a company’s workforce, corporate performance, and individual career success.

The Prindle Institute also publishes the The Prindle Post, which covers ethical issues in current events.

More information about the grant and research project is here.

Prindle Institute of Ethics, DePauw University

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