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There’s a new eponymous blog from the philosophers associated with the Emergence of Relativism research program. The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC), led by Martin Kusch, and is based at the University of Vienna.

In their opening message, the philosophers write:

We wanted a place to start a conversation about relativism. Relativism is the key theme in all of our research, but it is a particularly contentious philosophical thesis. Most philosophers (both historically and today) take attributions of relativism to a view or author to be objections, and so we think that there is a special need for a public forum where it is taken seriously.

Moreover, we think that our work on relativism connects with political and social issues in an important way. Relativism (of various stripes) is often thought to be associated with oppressive or facist politics, to be in opposition to truth, and to undermine the authority of experts. Although our group has diverse views, all of us think that these characterisations are at best over-simplifications, or at worst just false. In fact, we think that certain forms of relativism can offer ways to resist these troubling politics and attitudes. Given recent developments in Europe and the United States, persuading people of this strikes us as an increasingly urgent task, and so a place where we can make the case for the connection between our research and these issues both directly, and quickly, strikes us as important.

Their first substantive post is on “alternative facts” and relativism.

(via Lynn Chiu)

Robert Rauschenberg, “Mirthday Man”

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