Nobel Peace Prize Winner Hopes To Study Philosophy at Oxford

Malala Yousafzai, a 19-year old human rights activist advocating for women in Pakistan and co-winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, who survived being shot in the face by the Taliban for her work, is “anxiously waiting” to hear whether she has been admitted to the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program at Oxford University.

Yousafzai, who documented her experiences as a teenager attempting to overturn centuries of women’s oppression in her book, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, who created an organization, The Malala Fund, dedicated to ensuring that girls have access to twelve years of education, and who recently opened a school in Lebanon for Syrian refugees, said that her interview at Oxford University “was not easy,” according to one report. “I just get scared when I think of the interview. I don’t want to think back,” she told Newsweek

The PPE program at Oxford “was born of the conviction that study of the great modern works of social, political and philosophical thought could have a transformative effect on students’ intellectual lives, and thereby on society at large.” There are many notable figures among its graduates.


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