John Deely (1942-2017)

John Deely, Professor in Residence in philosophy at St. Vincent College, died this past Saturday. Professor Deely worked in semiotics. Prior to his appointment at St. Vincent College, he taught at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas) and Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Brian Kemple (Wentworth Institute of Technology), a former student of Deely’s, writes:

A prolific author with a capacious mind, Deely understood both the past and the future of philosophy with an unparalleled insight.  He wrote over 20 books, co-authored or edited over 30, and published more than 200 articles during his academic career, also serving for many years as editor for the American Journal of Semiotics. John Deely leaves behind a legacy of thought which is both expansive and deep, and just as importantly, of a great friend and mentor.

Kemple adds:

for those interested in his work, I recommend picking up Semiotic Animal as an introduction—it is far less intimidating than his magnum opus, Four Ages of Understanding­, a text which ought to be required reading for anyone studying the history of philosophy.

You can learn more about Deely’s work here.

John Deely


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