Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the weekly report on what’s new at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi.

Feel free to share other items of philosophical interest you’ve come across recently in the comments to this post.

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  1. Algebraic Propositional Logic, by Ramon Jansana.


  1. Ancient Atomism, by Sylvia Berryman.
  2. Friedrich Hayek, by David Schmidtz.
  3. Liar Paradox, by Jc Beall, Michael Glanzberg, and David Ripley.


  1. Christopher Watkin (Monash) reviews Before Tomorrow: Epigenesis and Rationality (Polity), by Catherine Malabou.
  2. Leslie MacAvoy (East Tennessee) reviews Hermeneutical Heidegger (Northwestern), by Michael Bowler and Ingo Farin (eds.).
  3. Margot Strohminger (Salzburg) reviews Knowledge Through Imagination (Oxford), by Amy Kind and Peter Kung (eds.).
  4. Gordon Barnes (SUNY) reviews Performance Epistemology: Foundations and Applications (Oxford), by Miguel Angel Fernandez Vargas (ed.).
  5. Janet Levin, (Southern California) reviews The Multiple Realization Book (Oxford), by Thomas W. Polger and Lawrence A. Shapiro.
  6. M. Joshua Mozersky (Queen’s) reviews McTaggart’s Paradox (Routledge), by R. D. Ingthorsson.

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BONUS: Do you think truth is beauty and beauty is truth?

Compiled by Michael Glawson, University of South Carolina

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