Finally, You Can Buy Art From The Daily Nous Cartoonists!

As you all know, Daily Nous publishes original comic strips from four wonderful philosopher-artists: Rachel Katler, Tanya Kostochka, Ryan Lake, and Pete Mandik. Occasionally I’ll get inquiries from readers about how to acquire versions of their artwork. Well, I’m happy to announce that all four of them now have their work available for sale in various formats—the perfect gifts for the philosophically-inclined folks in your life.

Daily Nous Comic Strip Artists

Prints for your home office or the school hallways? A set of new mugs for the department lounge? A hip t-shirt? A funny philosophical throw pillow? Clever stationery? You can find all of these things and more at their online stores. Click on the images below to visit them:

mandik-mind-chunks-card   kostochka-to-phi-or-not-to-phi-card   katler-ad-hoc-card     lake-chaospet-card

 Thanks for supporting these philosopher-artists!

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