Philosophy Books You Want Most Philosophers To Read, 2015-2016

So many philosophy books, so little time. What books should be on your list? One way to answer that question is to narrow the options down to books in your subfield. That’s a perfectly reasonable approach. But are there books in your subfield that you think philosophers who don’t specialize in your area should read? Or have you read a philosophy book outside your area of specialization that you think others should read? 

We can’t have a “best books” thread because, let’s be honest, the thread will likely get bogged down in disputes over the meaning of “best book.” And a list of “favorites” might be populated by books the value of which can be appreciated only by experts within specific subspecialties (which may be interesting, if of limited appeal). So instead, let’s put the question this way:

Which philosophy book published in 2015 or 2016 would you want most philosophers to read?

Don’t forget to say a little as to why.

Ready, go!

Rachael Ashe, "Forgotten Knowledge"

Rachael Ashe, “Forgotten Knowledge”

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