26 New Blogging Awards and 2 Article Awards

Ethics blog PEA Soup, in cooperation with the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at Depauw University, has announced that it will be offering 26 new blogging awards, plus two awards for papers blogged about there.

Twelve of the awards are for posts at the PEA Soup in the categories of applied ethics, normative ethics and metaethics, and political philosophy. Another six are for contributing to discussions at the blog. Two are for the authors of published papers discussed there.

In addition to these in house awards, there will be six “External Online Ethics Prizes.” Andrew Cullison (DePauw) writes that these “will go to pieces in practical and professional ethics published in other online forums. These are the pieces we wish had been written for us. First place is $200 and second place is $100. We will also award 4 honorable mentions.”

More details here.


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David Sobel
David Sobel
7 years ago