Rutgers And OUP Collaborate On New Lecture And Book Series

The Department of Philosophy at Rutgers University has teamed up with Oxford University Press to create a new lecture and book series.

Dubbed “The Rutgers Lectures in Philosophy,” the series will host “a broad constellation of superstars who are pathbreakers in their respective areas of philosophy,” says philosophy professor and department chair Larry Temkin, in a news item at the Rutgers website. Temkin is the founder of the series. The plan is for the lectures to contain new material upon which their authors write new books to be published by Oxford University Press. There will be one lecture per year.

This year’s lecture is by NYU’s Kit Fine at the end of the month. Future lectures over the next several years will be by Richard Sorabji (Oxford), Robert Stalnaker (MIT), Jeff McMahan (Oxford), Béatrice Longuenesse (NYU), and Martha Nussbaum (Chicago). Further details here.


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