IPFW Faculty Declares No Confidence in Chancellor

The faculty at Indiana University – Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW) have published a notice of no confidence in the university’s chancellor, Vicky Carwein, following Carwein’s decision to close several departments, including the Philosophy Department.

The notice was published in The Journal Gazette. It reads, in part:

Recent pressures created by changes from within and from without the institution have exposed Chancellor Carwein’s multiple failures of leadership, which have imperiled IPFW’s future and undermined its mission to provide students in our region with a high-quality, affordable education at a comprehensive university. We have no confidence in the Chancellor’s ability to provide leadership to IPFW as this crucial point in our history.

The faculty call for Carwein to resign and for the Board of Trustees to cancel the planned cuts of departments, among other things.

Much more detail is available here. And, as noted in the previous post on this story, you can sign a petition supporting the IPFW Philosophy Department here.

(via Charlene Elsby)


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Kris Rhodes
Kris Rhodes
7 years ago

Does a faculty vote of no confidence have any legal weight, or is the weight only moral?