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Hello folks and welcome to the weekly report on what’s new at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi.

If there are links of philosophical interest you’ve come across recently, you are welcome to share them in the comments to this post (though check out the Heap of Links first to see if it’s not already in there).

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  1. Genomics and Postgenomics, by Stephan Guttinger (Exeter) and John Dupré (Exeter).


  1. The Theory of Two Truths in India, by Sonam Thakchoe (Tasmania).
  2. Nineteenth Century Geometry, by Roberto Torretti (Puerto Rico).
  3. Deontological Ethics, by Larry Alexander (San Diego) and Michael Moore (Illinois Urbana-Champaign).


  1. Stoicism, by Massimo Pigliucci (CUNY).


  1. Samuel Lebens (Haifa) reviews Ritualized Faith: Essays on the Philosophy of Liturgy (Oxford), by Terence Cuneo.
  2. Niklas Forsberg (Uppsala/Helsinki) reviews Action, Decision-Making and Forms of Life (De Gruyter), by Jesus Padilla Galvez (ed.).
  3. Francesco Guala (Milan) reviews Normativity and Naturalism in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Routledge), by Mark Risjord (ed.).
  4. Alice Pinheiro Walla (Bayreuth) reviews Kant’s Lectures on Ethics: A Critical Guide (Cambridge), by Lara Denis and Oliver Sensen (eds).
  5. Carl Hoefer (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) reviews How Physics Makes Us Free (Oxford), by J. T. Ismael.



No new entries, but the team from Wi-Phi will be doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit later this morning, at 11am Eastern Time. Details here.


Bonus: immortality and linguistics.

Compiled by Michael Glawson, University of South Carolina


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