Why Are These Philosophers Voting For Trump?

A list of scholars and writers, including several philosophers, have placed their names on a website beneath the statement, “Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to restore the promise of America, and we urge you to support him as we do.”

What has led these scholars to endorse this horror show of a human being? What about his compulsive lying? What about his ignorance? What about his routinely contradicting himself? What about how easily he is provoked? What about his inability to communicate? What about his humility? Professors, what about Trump University? What about his failure to pay smaller businesses for services they rendered? What about the rape charge?

Philosophers on the list include Scott Soames (USC), Daniel Bonevac (Texas), Robert Koons (Texas) and others. They are hereby invited to write in and make their case here.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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(Thanks to Eric Schliesser for bringing this website to my attention.)

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