Care to Referee More?

Some members of our profession are referee superstars, being asked multiple times a week to referee papers for journals (and often saying ‘yes’), while others are well-qualified but unnoticed, and are almost never asked to referee. The result is that some philosophers have become unfairly overburdened, journal editors have been having increased difficulty finding referees in a timely fashion, desk rejections have gone up, and authors continue to wait and wait and wait. 

One thing that might be helpful is to get some more prospective referees on the radar of busy editors. So, if you feel like you are not asked often enough to referee papers, enter your name and areas of specialization in a comment below (no need to include contact information if it is easy to find online elsewhere).

What is “often enough”? For the purposes of this post, we’ll leave that up to those deciding whether to add their names.

(Adding your name is not tantamount to saying ‘yes’ to any refereeing request that comes your way, of course.)

Laurie Frick, "Sleeping in Pink" (detail)

Laurie Frick, “Sleeping in Pink” (detail)

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