Philosophy of War Audio Miniseries Available

A new philosophy show is in the works, and its creator has made three of its episodes—which together make up a miniseries on the philosophy of war—available to anyone teaching a course to which they would be relevant.

Barry Lam, associate professor of philosophy at Vassar College and currently fellow at Duke University, has been working on an audio-narrative miniseries on presenting philosophy through sound and narrative storytelling, called Hi-Phi Nation. He says, “Think This American LifeRadiolab, and Invisibilia but for philosophy.” I listened to an early version of one of these episodes and agree that that’s a pretty good description. He adds, “these are not interview or talk shows; the aim is to bring philosophy into contact with riveting and captivating stories of life and history, told by subjects as well as the host, with high-quality production and soundtracking. Episodes also feature philosophers you’ve heard of, and some you may not have heard of, arguing for views in an accessible but still high-level way.”

The show is being funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities and through a Mellon fellowship at Duke University, and Professor Lam anticipates the official start of the series beginning in 2017. He writes, “Topics will vary widely: from the ethics of war, possibility of posthumous harm, the demarcation problem in science, bodily autonomy and integrity, following high schools students through their experience in the Ethics Bowl, and a lot more.”

The three episodes mentioned above include discussions of feminism and militarism, moral exploitation, revisionism and classical just war theory, the Iraq war and Abu Ghraib scandal, and much more. If you are interested in obtaining them, email Professor Lam at  hiphination at gmail dot com, or leave your name and contact information in the comments here. You can also contact Hi-Phi Nation through its page on Facebook.

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