The Where, What, and When of Philosophy Jobs

Mark Alfano (Delft), one of today’s more data-driven moral philosophers, has taken information from PhilJobs regarding the location and types of advertised jobs and placed it on a map at Tableau Public. Here’s where the jobs are:

You can toggle between zooming in, moving around the map, and other functions by clicking on the triangle near the top left of the map that appears when you mouse over it and reset the map by clicking the house icon. You can click specific areas of specialization or types of job to view where just they are located.

You can also switch to graphs showing when jobs tend to be advertised and the quantity of jobs in different specializations by clicking on the different descriptions above the image. (If for some reason the map isn’t appearing here you can view the data at the Tableau Public site.)

Thanks for this, Mark.

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Mark Alfano
7 years ago

Yesterday, I updated the viz with a better map and some graphs about the distribution of AOSs and departments. I hope people find it helpful.