Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Happy Monday, everyone. Here’s the round-up of last week’s additions to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi.

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  1. John of Salisbury, by Karen Bollermann and Cary Nederman.


  1. Multiculturalism, by Sarah Song.
  2. Gorampa [go rams pa], by Constance Kassor.
  3. The Definition of Death, by David DeGrazia.
  4. Wilhelm Dilthey, by Rudolf Makkreel.
  5. Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, by Andrew Bowie.
  6. Logic in Classical Indian Philosophy, by Brendan Gillon.
  7. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, by Brian Copenhaver.



  1. Mark A. Wrathall reviews The History of Beyng, by Martin Heidegger.
  2. Andrea Staiti reviews The Phenomenological Approach to Social Reality: History, Concepts, Problems, by Alessandro Salice and Hans Bernhard Schmid (eds.).
  3. Zena Hitz reviews Aristotle’s Politics: A Critical Guide, by Thornton Lockwood and Thanassis Samaras (eds.).
  4. Michael Munger reviews Abstract Market Theory, by Jonathan Roffe.
  5. Ryan Patrick Hanley reviews On the Happiness of the Philosophic Life: Reflections on Rousseau’s Rêveries, by Heinrich Meier.
  6. John Gardner reviews Complicity and Moral Accountability, by Gregory Mellema.
  7. Dan Hooley reviews The Moral Rights of Animals, by Mylan Engel Jr. and Gary Lynn Comstock (eds.).
  8. Dustin Stokes reviews Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception, by Bence Nanay.


  1. Contrastivism #3 (Causation), by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.


Compiled by Michael Glawson, University of South Carolina


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