Essay Prize in Latin American Thought Awarded

The American Philosophical Association (APA has awarded its 2016 Essay Prize in Latin American Thought to Dr. L. Sebastian Purcell (SUNY Cortland) for his “Neltilitzli and the Good Life: On Aztec Ethics.”

The prize is sponsored by the APA Committee on Hispanics. It includes $500 and publication of the essay in an upcoming issue of the APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy.

From a press release about the prize:

Purcell completed his Ph.D. in philosophy at Boston College in 2011. He is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at SUNY Cortland. His research focuses on the areas of moral, political, and Latin American philosophy; the broad aim is to give an account of the entire ethical domain through a characterization of agents, motives, goods, history, social conditions, and their relations. Purcell is also the co-coordinator of the Latino and Latin American Studies program at SUNY Cortland.

The selection committee said, “This philosophically interesting paper is well-argued and well-researched. It is a provocative, insightful essay that broadens the field of Latin American philosophy to include critical comparison to ancient Greek (specifically Aristotelian) concepts, especially virtue and virtue ethics. This essay is quite exciting, as the general topic is fresh and promises to make a contribution to an area that is still in need of much scholarship in the U.S.”

L. Sebastian Purcell

L. Sebastian Purcell

USI Switzerland Philosophy
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