Funding for Undergraduate Philosophy Research

Margaret Atherton (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) writes in asking about how philosophy professors and students can best take advantage of the funding their schools offer for undergraduate research programs.

She says:

My university has what amounts to a considerable amount of money set aside to encourage undergraduate research. However, the way the program is set up, it is very difficult for Humanities disciplines, and certainly for philosophy, to get any of this funding, since they typically presuppose that the undergraduate will be part of an ongoing team of researchers and will be able to do things like data collection. I am wondering, since undergraduate research seems to be a popular buzzword these days, whether others have faced this problem and come up with a way of formulating research programs in which an undergraduate cold be involved that doesn’t presuppose a “team sport” model of research.

This is a good topic, and I’m hoping that people who’ve had success obtaining this kid of funding, or helping their students do so, can share their ideas and experiences.

What people think of when they hear the word "research"

What people think of when they hear the word “research”

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