Philosophers Among Recipients of 2016 NEH Grants

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has announced the winners of several of its grants programs, totaling $79 million. 300 projects received support, and among them were a few philosophy professors. 

I went through the full list of winners rather quickly (traveling today) so I may have missed, in the list below, a few projects by philosophers  (let me know). Additionally, there were a number of projects probably of interest to philosophers being directed by scholars in other fields, so I encourage you to browse the whole list and see what the NEH finds grantworthy nowadays.

Here are projects involving academic philosophers:

University of Southern California
$230,000 [Scholarly Editions and Translations] Project Directors: David Albertson and K. Meredith Ziebart
Project Title: The Tegernsee Debate on Love and Reason: Mystical Letters and Treatises in Late Medieval Germany
Project Description: Preparation of a one-volume English translation of fifteenth-century Latin documents written at Tegernsee Monastery, Germany, debating the value of Christian piety and reason in identifying common ground with Judaism and Islam.

Metropolitan State University of Denver
$158,102 [Scholarly Editions and Translations] Project Director: James Reid Project Title: The Question Concerning the Thing: A Pivotal Chapter in the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
Project Description: Preparation of an English translation of the course lectures Die Frage nach dem Ding (The Question Concerning the Thing) by German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889–1976).

Wesleyan University
$50,400 [Public Scholar Program] Project Director: Steven Horst
Project Title: Exorcizing Laplace’s Demon
Project Description: Preparation for publication of a book that examines the story of early modern science to demonstrate the compatibility between science, humanism, and theism

Georgia State University
$180,000 [Collaborative Research] Project Directors: Andrew Cohen and Jennifer Samp
Project Title: Reparative Justice and Moral Injury among Post-Deployment Soldiers
Project Description: A multidisciplinary study of the impact of moral injury on members of the armed forces through structured focus groups guided by philosophical questions.

West Lafayette Purdue University
$175,000 [Scholarly Editions and Translations] Project Director: Daniel Smith (project director)
Project Title: Translation of the Seminars of Gilles Deleuze Project Description: Preparation and online publication of an English translation of three lecture series by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925–1995).

Mount Holyoke College
$88,449 [Seminars for School Teachers] Project Director: Thomas Wartenberg
Project Title: Existentialism Project Description: A three-week seminar for 16 schoolteachers on existentialism.

SUNY Research Foundation, University at Buffalo
$80,994 [Seminars for College Teachers] Project Director: Richard Cohen
Project Title: Emmanuel Levinas on Morality, Justice, and the Political
Project Description: A one-week seminar for 16 college and university teachers on the ethical and political philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas.

CUNY Research Foundation, John Jay College
$118,937 [Seminars for College Teachers] Project Director: Jonathan Jacobs
Project Title: Will, Commandment, and Human Perfection in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Project Description: A four-week seminar for 16 college and university teachers to study key ideas on the will and moral agency in Saadia Gaon and Moses Maimonides.

Duke University
$110,000 [Collaborative Research] Project Directors: Allen Buchanan and Russell Powell
Project Title: The Evolution of Moral Progress
Project Description: Preparation for publication of a co-written book about the possibility of a theory of moral progress in light of current evolutionary explanations of morality.

Elon University
$111,906 [Institutes for College and University Teachers] Project Director: Ann Cahill
Project Title: Diverse Philosophical Approaches to Sexual Violence
Project Description: A two-week institute for 25 college and university teachers to explore the issues in philosophy relating to sexual violence.

Texas Tech University
$50,400 [Public Scholar Program] Project Director: Costica Bradatan
Project Title: In Praise of Failure
Project Description: Preparation for publication of a book that will argue that living with failure not only teaches us humility, openness to the unknown, and our human limitation, but helps us live more meaningful lives.

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Alan Richardson
Alan Richardson
7 years ago

There’s a Boston U philosophy of education project you missed.