Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Forthwith, a Game of Thrones spoiler-free accounting of the past week’s updates to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR), and Wi-Phi.

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  1. Dynamic Epistemic Logic, by Alexandru Baltag and Bryan Renne. [6.24.16]
  2. Conservation Biology, by Jay Odenbaugh. [6.23.16]
  3. The Rule of Law, by Jeremy Waldron. [6.22.16]
  4. Hermeneutics, by C. Mantzavinos. [6.22.16]


  1. Paternalism, by Gerald Dworkin. [6.19.16]
  2. Locke on Real Essence, by Jan-Erik Jones. [6.24.16]


  1. Duality in Logic and Language, by Lorenz Demey and Hans Smessaert. [6.24.16]


  1. Paul Russell reviews Hume: An Intellectual Biography, by James A. Harris. [6.26.16]
  2. Nathan Nobis reviews Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights, by Sherry F. Colb and Michael C. Dorf. [6.25.16]
  3. Richard Eldridge reviews A Philosophy of Tragedy, by Christopher Hamilton.  [6.24.16]
  4. Jacquelyn A. K. Kegley reviews Pragmatic Fashions: Pluralism, Democracy, Relativism, and the Absurd, by John J. Stuhr. [6.23.16]
  5. Franz Knappik reviews Puzzling Identities, by Vincent Descombes. [6.22.16]
  6. Pol Vandevelde reviews Husserl’s Ethics and Practical Intentionality, by Susi Ferrarello. [6.21.16]
  7. Craige Roberts reviews Context, by Robert Stalnaker. [6.20.16]


  1. Sociohistorical Theories of Race, by David Miguel Gray. [6.24.16]


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