Metaphysics, Cognitive Science, Sci-Fi-ish Questions

L. A. Paul (UNC) is working with Tomer Ullman and John McCoy (both in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at MIT) on issues related to “modality, time, and self.” They are seeking philosophers to answer a few questions.

She writes:

Philosophers, please consider taking the survey linked below, especially if you like science fiction and fantasy.

I’m collaborating on a project that brings together metaphysics and cognitive science with Tomer Ullman and John McCoy at MIT, and we are very interested in philosophers’ responses to the survey questions linked below. The work connects to issues involving modality, time, and self, and if you like science fiction and the Twilight Zone you might find participating especially entertaining.

So, please take the survey! If you think others would be interested please share the link, but be sure to share my invitation to participate as well.

Just click on the link to begin:


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