Department of Deviance

Amy Olberding (Oklahoma) has opened up the Department of Deviance. Tagline: “We would have called it Philosophy but that name was already taken.” From various posts at the site:

MISSION STATEMENT:  Know more things!
STRATEGIC PLAN:  Find out more things by reading more, listening to more people, and asking about stuff we don’t understand but sure would like to.

We have a “be nice” rule not because our sensibilities are delicate but because the person you chase off with rudeness and disrespect might know stuff we’d very much like to find out.  She might be the next Nagarjuna.  Better still, she might be some order of deviant the world has never seen before.  So don’t mess that up for us, ok?

Since the DoD perennially fails at defining what it is, what makes good deviance good, and how deviants ought to go about all things deviant, we’ve decided to forego further efforts at exact definition.  As many have pointed out, disciplinary integrity was being compromised by trying. 

New Class: Survey in Normality
We naturally resisted offering this course as long as humanly possible.  But students were curious and admin won’t get off our case about the curricular gap where we ignore a whole swath of human endeavor by pretending Normality doesn’t exist.  Just to be clear, we’re not really interested in this but we decided to throw admin a bone so they’ll leave us alone.

More here.

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