Right Answers And What Makes For A Good Philosopher

Just going to put this on the table:

Question: You work in the field of the philosophy of religion. Are you a religious person and do you think philosophy of religion can be done by people who aren’t?

Answer: Let me take your questions in order. I am a Christian; I was brought up in a Christian family; and I’ve never really wavered from that worldview. I definitely think that Philosophy of Religion can be done (and done well) by people who aren’t religious; but I do think that there are several things that make for a good philosopher—getting the right answers; getting them to important questions; and getting to the answers in the right way. And if I’m right in my Theism (as of course I can’t but help think that I am; otherwise, I’d swap horse), then atheistic philosophers of religion, say, won’t be as good by some of these criteria as theistic ones, though of course they may be—sometimes are—very good by reference to the last, having very clever arguments.

That’s Tim Mawson (Oxford University) in an interview by Richard Marshall at 3:AM Magazine.

(Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I-VI)

(Roy Lichtenstein, Bull I-VI)

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