New Philosophy Journal Aims to Publish “Creative Philosophical Work”

S.Ph. Essays and Explorations is a new, open-access biannual journal seeking to publish “creative philosophical work” in “the neglected middle-ground between the cultural-literary essay and the traditional academic article.” It is the project of S.Ph. Press, which

intends to provide a platform for philosophically imaginative works of nonfiction and fiction, written either by professional academics in search of an outlet for their creative or popularizing impulses, or by creative thinkers and writers with an academic’s training or independently acquired expertise. We envision works ranging from academic essays written with flair, unencumbered by the scholarly impedimenta demanded by the standard philosophy journals and academic publishers, to narrative fiction informed by and exploring serious philosophical subjects. That is to say, we mean to cultivate a genre of scholarly philosophical work intended for an audience of thoughtful readers who may or may not be professional scholars themselves, and who appreciate ideas and artistry both, especially in combination.

Check out the inaugural issue.

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8 years ago

Great idea, just a shame that there’s not a single woman among the authors of the inaugural issue.

Mark Anderson
Reply to  anUG
8 years ago

In fact there is a woman included, with a very good and creative piece. But you’ll have to look more closely than at the TOC.

Patti Sayre
Patti Sayre
8 years ago

Thank you so much for this. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted, genuinely wanted, to read a philosophy journal cover to cover.