Demographic Data on U.S. Philosophy Faculty

Trends show a slow decrease in the extent to which U.S. full-time philosophy faculty at four-year institutions is male and white, according to data obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics by Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) and posted at The Splintered Mind:

Gender data:

1988: philosophy*: 91% male (vs. 75% for all fields).
1993: philosophy*: 88% male (vs. 70% for all fields).
1999: philosophy: 80% male (vs. 67% for all fields).
2004: philosophy: 86% male (vs. 64% for all fields).

Race/ethnicity data:

1988: philosophy*: 93% white non-Hispanic (vs. 89% for all fields).
1993: philosophy*: 95% white non-Hispanic (vs. 86% for all fields).
1999: philosophy: 91% white non-Hispanic (vs. 84% for all fields).
2004: philosophy: 89% white non-Hispanic (vs. 80% for all fields).

More information here.

phil demo 2

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Robert Townsend
8 years ago

If it could be helpful, in a 2012 survey of philosophy departments in four-year colleges and universities, the Humanities Indicators found 74% of faculty members were women. You can find the summary at We did not ask about racial composition in the survey, but will be posting up the trend among philosophy PhD recipients at on April 11th.

Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
Reply to  Robert Townsend
8 years ago

Wait, what? You found there were three women for every man in philosophy departments? I don’t see where that number comes from in the link. Was this a typo?

Richard Zach
Reply to  Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
8 years ago

26% women and 74 men from the linked table, so I assume it is a typo.

Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend
Reply to  Richard Zach
8 years ago

The dangers of flying on the Internet without an editorial net. My apologies.