José Benardete (1928-2016) (updated)

José Benardete, professor emeritus of philosophy at Syracuse University, has died.  The author of three books—the latest was Greatness of Soul: In Hume, Aristotle and Hobbes, As Shadowed by Milton’s Satan (Cambridge)—Professor Benardete was known for his work in metaphysics and, I am told, his dedication to a philosophical life. For years, numerous interesting and amusing stories about Professor Benardete have been affectionately circulated on social media. His students, colleagues, family, and friends are welcome to share them here, if they wish.


(photo by Alastair Norcross)

UPDATE: A brief obituary is here, including details of a memorial service from 4 to 5 p.m. on Monday, February 29.

UPDATE (3/1/16): Eric Schliesser has a remembrance of Professor Benardete here. He was “one of the liveliest, analytically acute, erudite, and humorous minds I have ever encountered. His was a peculiar charm: he was just as at ease in thinking through multiple permutations of moves and counter-moves of an argument (I was not surprised to learn he really liked chess), as he was placing that argument in world-historical philosophical context that seemed simultaneously  completely obvious and, upon reflection, utterly original.”

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