AP Philosophy for High Schools: Input Sought

Next month, the Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Asssociation (APA) is holding a session on “Building an Advanced Placement Philosophy Course in High School from the Ground up.” The panel, organized by the APA Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy, is scheduled for Saturday, March 5, from 2:45-5:45pm. One of the participants, Baron Reed (Northwestern), is seeking input about the idea. He writes:

At the upcoming Central APA, I am scheduled to take part in a panel discussion, sponsored by the APA Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy, on the possibility and desirability of an AP Philosophy exam. If the College Board company did decide to invest the time and energy in putting an Advanced Placement exam together, one consequence would probably be that it would standardize, to some degree, how philosophy is taught in high school. Another consequence may be that more schools would be inclined to offer philosophy courses and more students would be inclined to take them.
There is a lot to be said, I’m sure, both in favor of and against an AP Philosophy course. I would be very interested in hearing the thoughts of others in the profession. In particular, would they advocate to their home institutions that credit be given for an AP Philosophy course? Would they be willing to have this credit count toward partial satisfaction of a philosophy major or minor? Any feedback I could get, from you and your readers, would be most welcome.

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