Funds Available for Public Philosophy Projects

Working on a project in public philosophy? Need some money to help do it? You can apply for funding from the American Philosophical Association’s Berry Fund, administered by the APA’s Committee on Public Philosophy. From a post at the Committee’s blog:

Grants are generally under $1000. Some sample projects that The Berry Fund is supporting:

(1) a philosophy and science fiction prize (Oxford Brookes), 
(2) a philosophy and global studies conference (Yale), and
(3) a week-long philosophy summer camp for 25 high school students (U. Kentucky).

If you have a  public philosophy project, we have some funds left to be expended before June 30th, so do consider applying.  In your application, be sure to explain your plan, how it counts as public philosophy, and your budget. 

We are open to supporting a wide variety of projects, and will consider each on its individual merits. Applications for this fiscal year will close on May 15, 2016, but we will consider applications on a rolling basis, so send yours in as soon as it is ready.

The application page is here.

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