Invitations, Under Review, and other CV Questions

Two questions about what should go on CVs have come in recently. The first is about conference invitations:

I’ve been invited to/accepted to several conferences. However, budget constraints preclude me from attending almost all of them. Here is my question: is it permissible to list these invitations on my CV—I’m an early PhD student—with a proviso that I could not physically attend? It seems a shame to not be able to list these accomplishments but it seems dishonest to possibly give the appearance that I was there and actually gave my paper by merely listing them without some sort of footnote or explanation.

The second, also from a graduate student, concerns how to list papers that are under review at journals:

I have a number of papers under review, and I am wondering how to list them on my CV. They will be in a section on the CV headed “Publications Under Review.” The question I have is whether to list the names of journals at which they are under review. I see that some people do this. Yet, isn’t there a concern that it might affect the anonymous reviewing process? Leaving that aside, isn’t there something tacky about it? Yet perhaps it is a way to signal my ambition to prospective employers. Help, please.

Readers, feel free to share your thoughts on these questions, or raise other CV-related questions.

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