New Dog in the Philosoblogosphere

If the weight of Monday morning is crushing you already, here’s a little lightness to help you out: Philosodogs.  No, it is not where you’ll find arguments for or against the existence of dog. That is assumed. But it is a place for questioning dogmas—and dogdads, who happen to be philosophers, about their dogs. So far, there are brief interviews with the philosopher-owners of Ella/Ellie, Blossom, and Willow. Can you guess who their owners are? Of course not. Can you imagine funny names for the dogs of famous philosophers? Maybe?

The blog is run by Robin Dembroff, Sukaina Hirji, and Daniel Wodak of Princeton University. They would “love to feature your philosodog on our site!”

Ella - Ellie Sobel

who actually let the dogs out

Next week: Philosohamsters!



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Nobody Important
Nobody Important
8 years ago